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Get Hosted Online

Get Hosted Online provides Web Site Hosting, Microsoft Exchange Servers, Virtual Private Servers and Gaming Servers. Fully DDoS protected at prices from as little as £0.39 a month.
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Create Website Design

Extremely easy to use website builder with free hosting and free usage with option to have work done for you for £100 only.
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VPS Dot Run

Supplier of VPS (Virtual Private Servers) at rock bottom prices with high service boundaries and guaranteed system resources.
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Gaming Servers

Deploy your own gaming server with a multitude of servers at blazing fast low latency speed. Upgrade for scenarios where heavy CPU usage is required.
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Website, VPS, Gaming, Email service provider for optionally managed services.

DigitalMods Licensed Software

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ServerForge is a hosting controller designed to work on popular open-source platforms such as AlmaLinux, RedHat Linux, Ubuntu, Debain and other Linux distros.
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Cloud Billings

Accounts software and payment processor for use by businesses, communities or charities.
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Modern Chat Application available in web or app format.
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Website software help desk for professional services offering built-in chat for common platforms such as Slack, WhatsApp, Viber etc plus email support for ticket replies. Supports customisable features such as ticket escalation, pay now for queue jumping or simply pay to open a ticket.
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Send beautiful emails via a drag drop editor and submit forms to provide instant contact form provision - no server side technology required. Supports newsletters and conversation threads.
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Create or browse digital documentation using our free to use online service or alternatively, download the software for a one-time price, with major releases chargeable for a small fee.

Open Source Community Projects

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Ban The Bots

Take Control Back On The Web

Ban The Bots Website
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URL Shortener

Create short links for any website or service with ability to leave user messages or links back to their site.
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Linux Bash

Portal for blog content relating to Linux Bash.
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Down Or Not

Check if a given URL is publicly accessible on the internet.
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Lookup and copy your public IPv4 IP address with MyIPv4
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Socket Manager

Easily add scripts to be run for PHP, Python et al that are resumed at startup and on script execution failure.

Software as a Service Projects

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Get Hosted Online Mirror Service

Download content from GNU to Ubuntu to MacPorts
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A Packagist mirror designed to offer the same source code in SVN, Git and Mercurial format. Integrates with
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A composer wrapper with support for repositories which enables the use of externals configuration in order to avoid bloating your working copies.
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Cloud Forge Zone

Redundancy management tools with ability to display alternate content or load balanced servers.
These projects are under development. Please check announcements for release information.